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2020-2021 Return to School Education Plan

“I have said these to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33

Concordia Lutheran High School (CLHS) is excited to announce our Return to School Education Plan. We will resume the 2020-2021 school year on Thursday, Jan. 7th, with both In-Person/On-Campus and Virtual/Synchronous Online learning options.


Students will need to register to formally commit to which education plan they want as we begin our school year. At our 6-week grading checks, students may change their choice for the subsequent 6-week period.


Whether in person or virtually, we look forward to school beginning. Please review the two learning options below. We know the decision of how to return to school is difficult and unique for every family. We respect each family’s ability to choose the mode that best meets their needs and unique situations. Be sure you have reviewed our Return to School Safety Plan. If you have additional questions prior to committing, please contact us so we can provide you the information you need to commit.


Concordia will follow a Block Schedule Model where students will have four ninety-minute class periods two days a week (Odd Periods on Monday and Thursday) and four more classes the other two days (Even Periods on Tuesday and Friday). We are also adding a 15-minute Chapel/Advisory period that will replace our all school gatherings. These advisory groups will meet in conjunction with a student’s 3rd or 4th period class, teacher, and classmates.


We will then have a Flex Day (Wednesday) to complete eLearning for four classes one week and the other four the next week. This Flex Day will also allow students the flexibility to arrange for either on-campus or virtual help from teachers and continue athletic and fine art practices. The Block Bell Schedule is included below:


Block Schedule


8:00 AM

9:30 AM


9:35 AM

9:50 AM


9:55 AM

11:25 AM

A Lunch

11:30 AM

12:05 PM

A 5th/6th Period

12:10 PM

1:40 PM

B 5th/6th Period

11:30 AM

12:15 PM

B Lunch

12:20 PM

12:50 PM

B 5th/6th Period

12:55 PM

1:40 PM

C 5th/6th Period

11:30 AM

1:00 PM

C Lunch

1:05 PM

1:40 PM


1:45 PM

3:15 PM


Utilizing this model allows us to decrease the number of classroom transitions and personal interactions that take place within a day, allowing us to more closely estimate “Close Contact” should a student test positive for the COVID-19 virus. By increasing our use of eLearning, we allow for a smoother transition should we be directed to not have instruction on campus. The athletic periods are being moved to the end of the day to reduce the amount of time students spend in locker rooms together.


All persons on campus will be required to follow the health and safety protocols outlined in the previously published Return to School Safety Plan.



Concordia has a tradition of creating and delivering online learning activities to supplement our in-class instruction. We have increased our use of this learning mode the past several years and this is a big part of what made our move online this past spring successful. Our teachers continue to design engaging lessons that do not require face-to-face or synchronous limitations. All CLHS students will have 4 eLearning activities assigned each week to be completed on Flex Day (Wednesdays).



We will have three lunches each day that will allow 6ft spacing for students and a reduced number of students in the designated lunch areas at any one time. Student lunches will be eaten in the Cafetorium, Commons, and Senior Patio. Students will need to keep their lunches on their person or in their locker.  We will not be using the refrigerators or microwaves in an effort to cut down on person-to-person contact. Concordia will continue to partner with a third-party caterer for lunch options for purchase. Students will be required to wear a face covering at any time they are not seated or socially distant from other people. Students and teachers will be wiping down and self-cleaning the area at which they sit preparing it for use by subsequent lunch times and groups.



A student who becomes ill and is unable or no longer allowed to attend classes in person is expected to participate in the Synchronous Online Learning mode described below until they have been given clearance to return to campus. Students with pre-approval to be temporarily online and fully participate in the virtual learning will be counted as present and the absence from school will be excused. Special consideration is available by emailing the Attendance Secretary Leigh Domann or Asst. Principal Andrew Schultz.


Students in the Synchronous Online Learning option will have opportunities to engage in real-time learning through use of Zoom video conferencing and Swivl tracking robots. This will allow the online student to view the active instruction of each of their classes, teachers, and classmates. Google Classroom will continue to be the main online platform for all deliverables (handouts, media, assignments, etc.) and student submission of completed work. Homework and assessment will be completed in real-time with their class as often as possible. Teachers will be available electronically (Google Classroom, email, and Zoom) for virtual learners on Flex Day, by appointment outside the school day, and as the teacher is able during the class period.


Every online student will connect with a CLHS Staff Online Advisor during the daily advisory period. Counselors, Spiritual Life, and other administrators will continue to be available to online students electronically. Students requiring Academics Services will work with Mrs. Rasmussen. Concordia will work with individual parents and students to ensure students' needs are met. The online student will be integrated into small group Bible studies, student activity groups, extra-curriculars, and other events as best as technology enables. Students who are taking classes online will be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities and are expected to follow  procedures outlined for those programs.



Student Expectations for Online Instruction

  • Students will virtually attend class daily, in real-time (synchronously), per that day's schedule, showing their face on the screen at the beginning and for the duration of the class period (as long as the live feed from the classroom is active). See the Block Schedule above for exact times.
  • Students will be required to:
    • Have a working computer with webcam and microphone.
    • Work in a dedicated space with sufficient lighting of the student's face.
    • Ensure the background being viewed is appropriate and displaying appropriate images.
      • Greenscreen backgrounds may not be utilized.
    • Wear clothing meeting CLHS Standards of Dress and Grooming
      • (see Parent/Student Handbook)
  • Students will be responsible for:
    • Review and understand the expectations for each course including the syllabus, grading requirements, homework policy, etc.
    • Meeting all deadlines including submitting homework and assessments (tests and quizzes) through an online platform as communicated and determined by the teacher.
    • Participating in large and small group instruction as prescribed by the teacher.
  • Students will bear the burden of proactive communication with their teachers to ensure that the student maintains academic progress.


Parent Expectations for Online Instruction

  • Communicate with your child daily about their progress in each course and encourage them in their studies.
  • Monitor student work and grades in the Rediker Portal.
  • Encourage student to maintain regular communication with their teachers.
  • Communicate any needs and concerns to the appropriate teacher.


Thank you for continuing to partner with and support the staff and families of Concordia Lutheran High School as we work towards Building Lives of Excellence Upon the Foundation of Christ  in 2020 and beyond. We remain committed to the health and well-being of all those in our care. We rest in the eternal peace found in Christ’s victory over sin through His death and resurrection.