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Incoming Transfers

Incoming Transfers -

Admissions, Enrollment, and Assimilation

Incoming Transfer Admission Process

Concordia Lutheran High School welcomes applications from students desiring a Christ-centered, challenging, academic program. Every student must submit a completed, signed application and the application fee must be paid. All required documents must be received in the Admissions Office prior to acceptance. Concordia Lutheran High School of North Harris County does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, employment practices, admission policies, financial aid, reduced tuition or grants, athletic and other school-administered programs. The submission of an application does not constitute acceptance. Each student is evaluated on the following items: report card, transcript, recommendations, and the desire to succeed in a Christian atmosphere. Students will be notified in a timely manner regarding their application.

The following items are needed to complete the application process:

- Application Fee (submitted with application)
- Completed Application -   Apply Now
- Report Card (most recent copy)
- Unofficial Transcript
- Recommendation from Principal  (included in the application)
- Interview (may be required)
- Placement Testing
- Incoming Sophomore – CLHS Entrance Exam is Required
- Incoming Junior or Senior – must have one of the following tests: PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT, STARR
- TAPPS Prior Participation Form (required if played athletics at the previous school)

Enrollment Process 

Once accepted to Concordia Lutheran High School, an acceptance letter will be mailed to you and will include instructions for scheduling an Enrollment Meeting. 

Assimilation Process for Incoming Transfer Students

Recognizing that the transition to a new high school can be difficult, CLHS provides incoming families with various opportunities to learn about life at Concordia and get to know other Crusaders.

Final Registration – mandatory for the parent and student

A final registration process must be completed prior to the start of the school year. Below is information pertaining to the final registration process.
• Registration will be held in the cafetorium between 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on a designated date.
• Required forms will be emailed prior to final registration and must be returned at final registration
• School pictures will be taken for the yearbook and student id’s.
• Class schedules, textbooks, and locker assignments will be issued.
• Various clubs and organizations will have information regarding their programs.

T-Camp – (includes a Parent Component)

T-camp is a way to get our incoming transfer students to meet new people and get acquainted with their surroundings before the first day of school. In order to guide students through this transition, the Concordia Student Council prepares a time for students to engage their surroundings, meet new people, and just have fun in an effort to ease the stress of the new school year. Upperclassmen assist throughout the event so the transfers can see who the leaders at our school are and who they can ask if they have questions about the daily routines at Concordia. This event also gives our Guidance Department an opportunity to give information to the parents so they too can learn a little about “life at Concordia.”

Transfer Luncheon

The Guidance Department sets aside various lunch dates to meet with all the transfers in order to celebrate the joys and acknowledge the struggles that come with moving to a new school.

Parents' Night

The Guidance Department holds a Parent Information Night for each grade level. Parents will learn how CLHS challenges students to consider “the Future”: the Future STARTS TODAY not tomorrow – Pope John Paul II. Topics include: tools to transition effectively to CLHS, building a college résumé, taking standardized tests, taking career and personality assessments, and an introduction to Naviance, Family Connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy
Concordia Lutheran High School of North Harris County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, employment practices, admission policies, financial aid reduced tuition or grants, or extra-curricular programs.