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Vehicle Registration

Student Parking for 2018-2019 school year


Student Driver and Vehicle Registration will be opened to Senior students on July 25 at 9 am. Junior students may register beginning August 1 at 9 am. Sophomores and Freshman drivers may register beginning August 6 at 9 am.


Student Driver Vehicle Registration - Click Here


Registrations completed by August 6 will be issued spots and tags at Final Registration (August 8). All other registrations will receive tags and assignments in the first few days of school. All student drivers will be expected to park in assigned location with properly displayed tags by Monday August 20.


Students who register their vehicles will have first rights to their assigned parking spot during the day. Violations should be reported by students to the front office with an accompanying photo of the violating vehicle license plate. CLHS administration will follow up on reported violations, but will not be actively monitoring parking assignments during student arrival. After-school guests and visitors will be allowed to park in student spots once school has been released. Students will not be permitted to park in Faculty/Staff or Visitor parking areas, which includes the parking areas near the gym and on the old tennis courts. Students who have not registered their vehicle with Concordia, or are temporarily unable to park in their assigned location, may park in the unassigned spots along the soccer field on South Campus without penalty until their vehicle is registered or their parking spot is made available. Repeated violations of the student parking policy will result in fines and detentions, and may result in removal of parking privileges and/or towing of vehicle at owner’s expense. 


If you have any questions please contact Mr. Andrew Schultz, one of our Assistant Principals, at