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Did you know that in the state of Texas, a tradition began shortly after World War II, where a boy gave a girl a real flower, called a chrysanthemum, to wear to the homecoming dance?


Sounds simple, right? 


Well, we’re not talking about real flowers anymore.  Texas homecoming mums have evolved into giant works of art, bigger than the girls wearing them and weighing close to 20 pounds.  They’re covered with artificial flowers, floor-length ribbons, battery-powered lights, hidden speakers, stuffed animals and other silly treasures.  The cost of these giant mums can be 300 dollars and they are getting bigger every year.  But do we really want to be defined by the size of our mum?


Here at Concordia Lutheran High School, three of our core values are collaboration, stewardship and relationships.  What if we work together to spend less on ourselves and more on others? 


What if we stop building mums the size of houses and start building actual houses? 


HOPEcoming at Concordia is your chance to bring back the simple Texas mum tradition and donate the money you saved to help build a relationship and a home for a family living in poverty in Costa Rica.  We also plan on helping Pilgrim Lutheran School in downtown Houston recover after the devastating flood from Hurricane Harvey.  


So how do you get involved? 

  1. For $50, you’ll get a simple, but attractive, mum or garter for your date, a HOPEcoming shirt, sunglasses, and wrist band.

  2. Don’t want the mum? For $25 dollars, you’ll get only the HOPEcoming shirt, sunglasses, and wrist band.

  3. Take the money you saved on this year’s mum, go online, and donate it to our Costa Rica Mission Trip to help pay for the materials to build and furnish a new home.  

So take the challenge and be part of this tradition of simplicity and giving HOPE to others.  


You can purchase HOPEcoming tickets and support our Costa Rica Mission Trip during lunches, or online:


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