Clubs and Activities

Academic Team:

Want to compete in Spelling, Math, Social Studies, Current Events, Science, Literary Criticism, Writing, or Spanish? CLHS competes against other schools in TAPPS and against students in public schools through the Virtual Challenge and Best of Texas meets. See Mrs. Payne (Room 207), Mrs. Domann (Room 110) for more information.


Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Track & Field, and Volleyball.  For highlights about these sports, please see our athletic page at

Chemistry Club (Chem Club):

This club has been one of the most popular at CLHS for several years. If you are interested in doing lots of fun experiments and learning in the process, talk to Dr. Oblinger in Room 225. Some of the students from this club form demo teams that travel to local elementary schools during the second semester to perform some of these experiments for the aspiring scientists in those schools. Chem Club meets once a month in the morning and afternoon—watch the scrolling announcements during lunch for the specific meeting times.

Chamber Choir:

The CLHS Chamber Choir is a 16-voice (SATB) select choir that is chosen from members of the Concert Choir.  The Chamber Choir meets twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, from 7:15-7:50am.  This choir sings quality, upper level classic choral music and performs at all concerts and contests throughout the year along with other gigs around the community.  Auditions are held during the first week of school and are with Mr. Palomaki in room 170.


Concert Choir:

The CLHS Concert Choir is Concordia’s premier vocal ensemble and meets during 4th period of the school day.  This 75-voice SATB choir is by audition only, and is open to all students who are interested.  The Concert Choir has an excellent reputation and performs quality choral music at a high level.  The choir performs at all concerts and competitions throughout the year, as well as at local school chapels and church services around the community.  Auditions are held before school begins in the fall, and at the end of the school year in the spring.  Contact Mr. Palomaki ( in room 170 if interested.


Treble Choir:

The CLHS Treble Choir is a female-only vocal ensemble that is primarily for beginning and/or first time choir students and meet during 2nd period of the school day.  This is a non-auditioned choir and is open to all females in grades 9-11.  Students will learn the basic fundamentals of singing and reading music, as well as prepare for the audition for the Concert Choir in the spring.  The Treble Choir performs at two concerts per year along with the Concert Choir.  If interested, please contact Mr. Palomaki in room 170.


CLHS Symphonic Band:

If you have any interest, prior experience, or passion for instrumental music, please talk with Mr. Held (room 170) for more information.  Symphonic Band is a co-curricular class that meets during 1st period.  This back-to-back state champion program performs in various concerts and events throughout the year.  We take out-of-state tours every two years that have taken us to California and the Midwest.  Our next tour is in spring 2019.  We do not march, but we perform as a pep band for home football games.  Students are still able to participate in other extra-curriculars in addition to band.


CLHS Tech Team:

If you like the “behind the scenes” role and are interested in joining our Tech Team to help with sound and lights during chapel and theatrical productions, see Mr. Schultz in Room 227.

CLHS Theatre:

If you have an interest in or passion for theatre, talk to Mr. or Mrs. Schultz for additional information.

Debate Team:

If you love to debate with friends and family and are looking for an opportunity to hone your critical thinking and communication skills, this is for you. Tournaments take place during the months of September through February.  State competitions occur in March and April, and Nationals are in May and June. See Mrs. Debbie Waddell ( for more inforamtion.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA):

Huddles meet during lunch on selected days. All student-athletes are encouraged to attend. Please email Phil Wilke, for more information. 

Friday Morning Girls:

This student led group meets in the Spiritual Life Office at 7:15 am every Friday with Mrs. Gorline ( for Bible study, discussions and prayer.  

Improv Club:

Improv Club is open to all students.  Weekly meetings involve improvisational theatre activities, games and challenges.  Join us for some fellowship and laughs.  For more information, email Mrs. Melanie Schultz at

Interact Club:

Interact is a service club sponsored by our local Rotary District 5890, whose motto is "Service Above Self".  This organization spends most of its time doing community service projects as well as international service projects each year. Interactors also have the opportunity to participate in rotary sponsored events such as the Rotary Youth Exchange; RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) Camp; and Senior Interactors are encouraged to participate in the Four-Way Test Essay Scholarship Contest.  Interact meets from 7:25 am to 8:55 am every 1st and 3rd Tuesday. The faculty advisor for Interact is Mrs. Blue,


Jazz Band/Handbells/Drumline:


These are extra-curricular instrumental ensembles that meet outside of school 1-2 times a week.  If you are not in Symphonic Band but are interested in joining these ensembles, please see Mr. Held (room 170) for more information.

National Honor Society (NHS):

Like Interact, this group looks for opportunities to pursue scholarship, leadership, and service.  Mrs. Gorline (Science) is the faculty advisor for NHS.  Please talk to her or email her at for more information on transferring your current membership or if you are looking to apply for membership.  You must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.8000.  Second semester Sophomores - Seniors may apply. 

One-Act Play Competition:

Students compete against other TAPPS schools annually in a timed play for a judge.  Students also have an opportunity to showcase their competition play for friends and family at CLHS.  Fall One-Act Play Competition auditions are in August with performances in October or November, based on the TAPPS calendar.  Please see Mr. Held (room 170) for more information.

Peer Tutoring:

Upperclassmen that excelled in core classes during their Freshmen and/or Sophomore years should talk to Mr. Walter (the Freshmen Guidance Counselor) if they are open to serving as peer tutors in these classes. Mr. Walter will make the arrangements for an upperclassman peer tutor to mentor and guide an underclassman that needs some extra help understanding the concepts/skills in a specific core class.

Saders Joined for Hope (SJH):

SJH is a chapter that works in conjunction with the foundation Cassidy Joined for Hope Inc.  The Cassidy Joined for Hope foundation was established by Kim Hess, a mom from The Woodlands who lost her daughter, Cassidy, to suicide in 2015.  
SJH endeavors to break the silence about teen suicide by promoting hope, kindness and safe places for honest discussions about the pressures today's kids are facing at CLHS.  a faith-based organization, SJH focuses on preventative measures, self-value, anti-bullying, social media dangers, and spreading the message that Kindness Matters.  To learn more about SJH, please contact Rev. Ryan Neuhaus at  

SaderNation 4-H/FFA:

Concordia Lutheran High School Agriculture is an informal, practical, learn-by-doing educational program for youth.  Within the Agriculture Department there are two national organizations: 4-H & FFA. The purpose of 4-H & FFA is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills, and forming attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive members of society.  4-H & FFA programs provide exciting and fulfilling opportunities for youth to use their talents, create unique experiences and explore their interests in a caring and safe environment. In order to be a member of FFA a student must be enrolled in at least one semester of an Agriculture Science course. Some activities that our members participate in are: Photography, Leadership & Career Development Events, Vet Science, Food Challenge, Shooting Sports, and Showing Livestock. To learn more about Sadernation Agriculture, please visit  Questions regarding 4-H/FFA may be directed to Mrs. Brandy Elrod,

Socrates Club (aka "I don't care" Club)

Many students find themselves stressed out and anxious because of their demanding schedules. The Socrates Club builds some unstructured time into their busy schedules. While officially known as the Socrates Club, the students know it as the I Don’t Care Club. The name does not imply a lack of concern, rather it frees students to make the club be whatever they need it to be. If they need to talk then they can talk. If they just want to sit and do nothing, that is fine too. If they want to play cards or games that is also an option. Nothing, not even attendance is mandatory. Please contact Dr. Eric Oblinger or Rev. Ryan Neuhaus if you are interested. 

Speech Team:

Interested in competitive speech and acting? Members of this team focus on prose and poetry, humorous and dramatic interpretation (solo acting), original oratory, duet and duo acting, and extemporaneous (persuasive) speaking. See Mrs. Debbie Waddell ( for more information. Tournaments take place starting in September and continue through February. State competitions occur in March and April, national competitions occur in May and June.

Student Athletic Trainer:

Interested in becoming an Athletic Trainer or learning about Sports Medicine occupations? See our certified Athletic Trainer, Dr. Rob, to find out how to get involved. Our Athletic Training Clinic is located within the inside weight room (near the football field).

Student Council (StuCo):

This organization plans various student activities and events (i.e. Homecoming, Winter Dance, Talent Show, Fish Camp, etc.). Students are encouraged to join StuCo as committee members and then run for office in the Spring of each year. Freshmen elections take place during the Freshmen Retreat early in the school year. See Mr. Straub (Room 209) for more information. StuCo meets each Thursday morning at 7:30 AM in Room 209.

The Messengers:

This group is the student-led worship band that serves during chapel. All musicians and singers are welcome—please talk to Mr. Palomaki (Room 700) for more information about how to get involved.

Ultimate Frisbee Club:

This new after-school activity is led by Mr. Uma.  Please email him at for details.