Concordia Lutheran High School

Educational Technology

Vision for Educational Technology 


A critical focus of the 21st century school is the integration of technology into the students’ learning environment.  Technology has become a major component to succeed as citizens in a global society. The future will be collaborative, social, innovative, and ever changing; therefore Concordia seeks to incorporate technology as a means of integrating curriculum across all subject areas.  The use of technology allows students to become effective, productive and accountable for their own learning process while also having an outlet .  At Concordia our students have a variety of opportunities to advance their technology skills so that they have the aptitude and ability to communicate and be influential in a society that is experiencing exponential changes.


Concordia seeks to continually evaluate educational technology best practices for the purpose of implementing the following objectives:


  • Personalize learning to increase student engagement and achievement.
  • Address diverse learning styles.
  • Provide the means to communicate globally.
  • Maximize teaching and administrative effectiveness.
  • Provide access to creative and new learning opportunities.
  • Empower students to take accountability in the learning process.
  • Engage in the use of collaborative learning communities.
  • Allow students to create assessments that include and foster creativity
  • Promote effective learning through effective teaching methods.
  • Make all applicable uses of current technology available and accessible to all students as well as guided training.