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#FOR : Online Chapel

If God is #FOR us who could be against us...


We live in a time that has redefined what it means to be #FOR something.  Therefore, Concordia feels the need to step into this idea with our students.  Our 2017-2018 school theme is #FOR (Romans 8:31).  We will take a journey with our students and explore how the world defines #FOR and discover how that compares to God’s definition of being #FOR. 


The student body will be diving deeply into the book of Romans in our chapel services to take a closer look at what it means when scripture states “If God is #FOR us who can be against us.”  We all will be confronted with the glaring truth that God being #FOR us does not mean that we get a green light to be who we want to be.  In a nutshell, that is how the world defines #FOR as “YOU BE YOU!”  God in His Word, says something drastically different, and Paul is going to teach us God’s definition in his letter to the church in Rome.  We are excited about this year’s theme and hope you will join us in this journey by listening to our chapel online.  Our chapels will be posted here and on Facebook  each week.  Let this be our gift to you.  We hope that this will create fruitful discussions in your family as we take this journey together! 


Be sure to watch our weekly chapels online so that you can be fed by God’s Word and be equipped to engage your children in meaningful conversation around the dinner table.