Concordia Lutheran High School

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Preparing For College

The CLHS Counseling department strives to uphold the following college counseling mission:
  • Empower our students to make informed decisions about the future
  • Make college counseling a 4 year process
  • Provide accessible information to students and parents
  • Incorporate college counseling into standard academic counseling
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of college options
  • Build and keep strong relationships with colleges and their representatives throughout the country
The CLHS Counseling department provides full-service college counseling, including but not limited to the following:
  • Provide practice tests so that students are well prepared for college admission tests
  • Provide information on colleges and the college process including campus visits, financial assistance, and career opportunities beginning freshmen year through Naviance Student, a website that allows students and families to investigate, research, track, and plan for the college admission process.
  • Make information on the college process accessible to students and parents through the College Fair, Freshman Parent Night, Sophomore Parent Night, Junior Parent Night, Senior Parent Night and individual counseling sessions.
  • Keep students informed of application procedures and deadlines.
  • Make students aware of the myriad of college options available in the United States and beyond.
  • Write letters of recommendation and provide all materials needed from CLHS for college applications.