Concordia Lutheran High School

The Galapagos

The summer of 2015, we experienced: 
- the Maori tribe in New Zealand
- luging in New Zealand
- the Hobbiton in New Zealand
- the Sydney Opera House in Australia
- surfing on Manly Beach in Australia
- the culture in Fiji
The Summer of 2016, we experienced the following in Thailand: 
- a summer palace
- Buddhist temples
- interaction with local villages
- a ride on an elephant and bamboo raft
- the World War II museum
- shopping at the floating market
- mission to a local village
- a three-day beach retreat
The Summer of 2017, we will: 
- visit The Galapagos
- hike a volcano
- snorkel with wildlife
- island hop
- go white-water rafting
- mission to a local community
Email Jackie Gerard for more information.