Concordia Lutheran High School

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What do you love about Concordia Lutheran High School, and why are you here?
I love to see our students grow in compassion, confidence and skill throughout their time at Concordia. I especially enjoy seeing the relationships they build with their Savior and with one another. As they set off toward life after CLHS, it's wonderful to know how far they have come and how much the Lord will continue to use their hearts as well as the skills and knowledge they have acquired.
What do you love about Jesus?
Our God is a relationship in action! He understands how best to love us because love is who He is and what He does. No matter what situation we face, we face it with a loving God. Despite our imperfect attempts to love God and others, we get to live in relationship with God because of Jesus. And as we live in relationship with God, the Holy Spirit transforms our hearts to make us more like Him- Love in action!
When I have free time I enjoy...
In my free time, I enjoy dates with Mr. Schultz, singing, hiking, crafts, Pinochle, board games and spending time with family.
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