Concordia Lutheran High School

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What do you love about Concordia Lutheran High School, and why are you here?
I love that this high school provides teachers and students with the opportunity not only to learn and develop academically and athletically, as any high school does, but also spiritually, morally, and personally. And in my brief time here, I have already seen the faculty/staff commit to this education ministry in a way pleasing to Jesus.
What do you love about Jesus?
I of course am humbled and thankful for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross to redeem me for my iniquities, and that he welcomes me into his kingdom. One of my favorite quotations, though, is by Fyodor Dostoevsky, who has a character in his novel The Brothers Karamazov who says, "...let me kiss the hem of the veil in which my God is shrouded." This means to me that even in my worst moments, when my actions should separate me from the love and grace of Jesus, He still loves me and pursues a loving relationship with me. I don't deserve Jesus for anything I have done; I deserve Him because he makes me worthy.
When I have free time I enjoy...
I have eclectic interests that don't always match up. I love nerdy things like Star Wars, comic books, Indiana Jones, James Bond and even Disney princess movies. But I also love sports, especially Football, Basketball and Tennis (and fantasy football). And even weirder, I think, I love terrible, brainless R&B music, and yet I love classic literature. Oh, and I love videogames. But mostly, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, Stephanie.
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