Concordia Lutheran High School

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

 Grace, Mercy, and Peace be to you for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, 
Thank you for the many responses of willingness to help those in need as a response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  We have had a limited number of families who have indicated a need at this time, and those have been addressed with local churches. 
If you are aware of someone who has an ongoing need, please encourage them to contact Ryan Neuhaus at 
How can you help? 
-  Non-perishable food and water may be donated at:        
-  St. Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands -
 -  Recovery efforts are being coordinated currently with Trinity and Salem Lutheran Churches.  To help facilitate these efforts, please fill out the following form: 
-  In lieu of Concordia Sponsored Fundraisers, we encourage you to financially support recovery efforts through the American Red Cross or the Texas District Disaster Relief Fund.                
Two of our sister schools, Lutheran South Academy and Pilgrim Lutheran School, have received a great deal of damage with several feet of water in their buildings.  That may also be another opportunity for you to help when they can gain access to their buildings.  As we have more information, we will share it with you.
As of now, our plan is to re-open for classes on Tuesday, September 5.  We will continue to monitor conditions in the area before a final decision is made.  Our students come from a wide geographic area, and it is possible that some may still be affected in a way that would not allow students to safely travel to school.  If that is the case, please prioritize your life safety over school attendance. 
Please continue to lift up in prayer everyone who has been affected by this catastrophic event. 
Seeking to Honor Jesus,