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Why choose Concordia Lutheran High School?

At Concordia Lutheran High School, our mission is Building Lives of Excellence upon the Foundation of Christ.  We are, first and foremost, as well as intentionally, a Christian school.

While this is true, we understand that students and families want that and more.  The academics of Concordia are strong, and 98% of our students go on to higher education.  The NLSA (National Lutheran Schools Association) recognized the high standard of academic excellence coupled with quality extracurricular programming and honored Concordia with a National Exemplary School Status.  As the expectations of our constituency have risen, so have our standards.  It is routine for our students to be focused on their education, and a major reason for that is the fact the students around them are doing the same thing.
While Concordia is recognized as one of the largest Lutheran high schools, it is relatively small when compared to many schools in the Tomball/Houston area.  This allows for many leadership opportunities for our students as they become involved in the life of the school.  Having a smaller student body also allows for the building of strong, lasting relationships with teachers and staff, and that contributes to the guidance students already receive from their parents.  Yet another positive aspect of being a smaller school is that students are not just a number at Concordia, and the opportunity to participate in multiple activities exists for many.   As Concordia moves forward, we do plan to grow, and we expect to have approximately 600 students as our maximum enrollment.
The decision on what high school your child will attend is really a question about making an investment in your child’s life.  If the type of experience, growth and preparation described here is what you want your child to receive, and you are asking, “Why Concordia?”, maybe a better question to ask is, “Why not Concordia?"
Joel R. Bode
Head of School
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News and Announcements

Global Embrace

Concordia Students are encouraged to go out into the world to learn and serve. Trips this year include:

Future Freshman Day - November 15, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Over 100 8th grade students from various Middle Schools, as well as some of their families, all come together to spend the afternoon experiencing "life" as a Crusader while taking a tour of the school and getting a taste of the academics, athletics, and fine arts at Concordia. REGISTER HERE!

Congrats to our Students of the Month!

As in previous years, StuCo awards "Student of the Month" honors to students on a monthly basis. Concordia faculty/staff members nominate students for these awards, and then vote to determine which student from each grade level receives the honor for that month. The award recipients for August are......

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