Concordia Lutheran High School

Learning to Learn Study Skills Workshop

Please consider the Learning to Learn Study Skills Workshop by Learning Power, Inc.  Please see the attached flyer!

The workshop will occur at CLHS over three Saturday mornings on October 14, 21, and 28 (each session deals with different topics).  This is an optional program that has occurred on our campus every fall for several years.  The three day workshop is $130.  This includes materials provided for the class.

Parents ask me if the Study Skills workshop is worth it.  I have received both positive and negative feedback in the past.  However, the reason that I have continued to promote Learning Power Inc. is that they say that if you pay for the student, then the parents can come for free.  When we are looking at study skills, we are really discussing habits.  New and better habits are not built in three Saturdays.  Habits are changed and created over a period of 21 or more days.  This is where the parents come in.  Their encouragement to develop habits is really what makes the difference.  The workshop simply gives you the knowledge and skills to change those habits.  It is my opinion, the parents who were displeased with the program sent their students making only made a financial investment in their future, and did not make a time commitment - to help change habits - investment into their student.

If you are interested in attending the workshop with your student, then please contact me and I will send you the information on how to register.

 For more information on the Study Skill Workshop please contact:

Donna Jung 281-450-7127

Striving to partner with you as we work to help students to prepare for the future,

Scot Walter