Principal Kangas Helps Honor 'Heroes for Change' on Disney

On Friday, July 10, Concordia's Principal, Julie Kangas, was one of four featured educators that were selected to help honor educators across the country as part of the ARDYs Heroes for Change award.
Radio Disney's ARDYs Summer Playlist was an hour long program that aired on the Disney Channel. It was a music event that featured a union of many musical artists and Disney show actors.
Radio Disney has supported the projects of educators who seek to make reality the dreams of their students.
Principal Kangas highlighted how Concordia’s teachers are real Heroes for Change as they cared for and supported students and graduating seniors during the eLearning of the 2019-2020 school year.
"They [Our teachers] went above and beyond, they did what was needed to make it happen and help their students finish the school year.” - Principal Kangas
To watch the short video clip of the Heroes for Change, click HERE.