Guidance Counseling

The Counseling Office is available to assist students with their academic journey and personal counseling needs. Our counselors take great joy in discipling students not only in their academic and extracurricular endeavors, but in their spiritual journey too.

Ms.Tami Brennan, Guidance Counselor, walks with juniors (A - L) as they begin to pave their way toward college, and she also walks with senior students getting them ready for their next step.
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Mrs. Terilyn Kirchenberg, Guidance Counselor, works with sophomores as they begin their journey in self-exploration. She will walk with juniors (M - Z) as they begin to pave their way toward college.

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Mr. Scot Walter, Guidance Counselor, works with freshmen students and specializes in working with teens as they make the leap into high school.

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Mrs. Pam Rasmussen, Special Services Coordinator, works with students needing a little extra attention to be successful in the classroom.

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Mrs. Linda Rogers, Guidance Assistant, is the part-time Guidance Assistant. 

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This staff is dedicated to serving our students and

guiding them to achieving excellence in all that they do.