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Brand Identity

Concordia Lutheran High School’s graphic identity system and brand standards are listed below. Concordia is a Christian, private, independent school that has created its own brand identity for representation of the school/ministry. Use of Concordia’s name, images, logos, and branding is prohibited without the expressed written approval of the Concordia Advancement Office. Those outside the organization (non-employees) do not have the authority to use, create, or profit from our branding. Also, parents and students do not have the authority to conduct business on behalf of Concordia Lutheran High School and its interests.


Concordia’s brand includes our Mission Statement, Vision, and Core Values as well as all logos. All teams/clubs/organizations that represent or compete under Concordia’s auspices, must strictly adhere to these brand guidelines for all apparel and representation purposes. Homemade shirts and signage are not allowed for representation and all clothing must be created by one of our approved preferred vendors.


Concordia has several vetted and approved preferred vendors that we partner with for screen printing, embroidery, signage, and print publications. These vendors follow our branding guidelines and are the authorized vendors for various projects. All projects must be approved through the Finance Office and given a purchase order before items can be produced. Anyone outside our organization does not have the authority to create a work order or project from a vendor without the approval of the school and will not be reimbursed for work done that did not follow the process.


We have worked diligently to build our brand identity in the Houston metro (and throughout Texas) and we wish to continue to represent our ministry consistently and correctly. If you have any questions, please contact our Advancement Office at [email protected]