Advanced Programs

With twelve Advanced Placement courses and thirteen Dual Credit classes through Lone Star Community College, Concordia’s upper level curriculum provides plentiful opportunities to learn at an advanced level and get a head start on college credits while still in high school. Advanced Placement classes may give college credit depending on test results and Dual Credit classes can earn either three or four credit hours each when class requirements are met. In addition to the benefits of saving money on college tuition and earning a college degree more quickly, these higher level classes help students dig deeper into subjects that interest them, ease the transition between high school and college, and develop the academic skills of problem solving and time management needed in college, all while being taught by highly qualified teachers with advanced degrees.

Dual Credit Classes currently offered:

Calculus I 2413

Chemistry 1411

Chemistry 1412

College Algebra 1314

Elements of Calculus 1325

English 1301

English 1302

Finite Math 1324

Pre-Calculus 2412

Statistics 1342

Trigonometry 1316

US History 1301

US History 1302


 Advanced Placement Classes currently offered:

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP English III

AP English IV

AP Government

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics


AP Spanish IV

AP Spanish V

AP Physics I

AP Physics II

AP World History