Concordia Announces Grant Support from Tri-County Health Alliance

Concordia Lutheran High School (CLHS) is grateful to announce grant support from the Tri-County Health Alliance for the 4th consecutive school year with a grant for 2021-2022. The grant will help fund three underlying health-related and educational school initiatives: School Clinic & Safety Support, Hearing and Vision Screening Support, and Health-Science Curriculum Support.

Concordia’s School Clinic supports 550 students and 80 staff and administrators, with the objective of keeping students/teachers in the classroom and learning/teaching as much as possible. Tri-County Health Alliance’s funding will allow CLHS to maintain a well-supplied school clinic that has adequately treated the medical and first-aid needs of our students and staff.

The Texas Department of Health requires mandated health screenings within Texas schools. With Tri-County Health Alliance’s support, Concordia will be able to utilize a professional, certified screening service to conduct vision and hearing student screenings for all incoming freshmen and transfer students to be in compliance with all state requirements.

CLHS offers advanced level science courses that include college-level curriculum for which they are awarded college credit hours. Given the realm of these classes, many laboratory tools, supplies, and equipment are necessary to sufficiently perform and master the concepts being taught within the curriculum guidelines. The expense of these more advanced classroom tools greatly impacts the Science Department’s budget, yet they are necessary in order for students to comprehend and master scientific problem-solving skills, laboratory investigations that are major components of these health science classes. This year’s grant will specifically provide some mini PCR gel electrophoresis trays and pipettes as well as x6 stereomicroscopes.

Thank you Tri-County Health Alliance for your partnership in our ministry at Concordia!