Concordia Lutheran High School

Students selected into National Honor Choir at Concordia University at Seward, Nebraska

for a spot in the National Honor Choir for Musical Arts Day, held at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska.  Out of those 25, 20 of them were selected to be a part of the honor choir.  

The National Honor choir is comprised of 125 students from all throughout the United States, and with CLHS bringing 20 students, we make up 16% of the entire choir!  What a testament to the talent we have here at Concordia!  

The 20 students who were accepted into the choir will be traveling with Mr. Palomaki to Seward, Nebraska on Nov. 6th and returning Nov. 8th.  They will have a chance to sing with other talented students from all over the country, as well as work with an accomplished college director, Dr. Kurt von Kampen.  

The students who made it (and the voice part they will be singing) are: 

Soprano I – Abby Horswell

Soprano II – Kenya Bonitto, Katrina Brayshaw

Alto I – Hanah Singer, Lois Ann Suter

Alto II – Milan Nolen, Jessica Lawrence, Michelle Privette, Darby Baker

Tenor II – Adrian Parra, Tico Guerrero, Braden Hobbs, Miller Ekas

Bass I – Chris Kasparek, Aaron Davis, Josh Frerking

Bass II – James Moulden, Zach Cook, Alex Quinones, Rhyne Brisbin