Concordia Lutheran High School

The speech and debate team won 2nd place at the Jersey Village High School tournament.

25 public and private high schools participating.  In the Lincoln-Douglas debate, the top two debaters in both varsity and novice were from Concordia!

Varsity LD debate:   
Matthew Kantenberger - 1st place , gavel for 2nd place speaker, and earned enough points to go to the Texas Forensics Association state meet in El Paso
Adam Buckley - 2nd place

Novice LD debate:
Kaleigh Howard and Erika Schulte - 1st and 2nd place novice LD (we will debate a final round in class)
Hope Brittain, Zoe Feinberg, and Cole Baker were quarterfinalists. Kaleigh (1st) and Hope (3rd) both brought home gavels as two of the top three speakers.

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking:
Zoe Feinberg - 2nd
Erika Schulte - 3rd
Karlton Covington - 4th
Hope Brittain - 7th
Cole Baker - 8th

Novice Original Oratory:
Emma Schmidt - 7th