Concordia Lutheran High School

Crusader Classic Academic and Speech Tournament a Success.

Bay Area Christian, Faith West Academy, Fort Worth Christian, Incarnate Word, Lutheran High North, St. Thomas Episcopal, The Woodlands Prep, Westbury Christian. This was much smaller than the public school tournaments that we attend, but we had 255 entries over the past two days. It was certainly a good prep for our kids, but especially valuable to some of schools less familiar with tournament competition. They thanked Concordia so much for hosting.

As the host school, we didn't allow ourselves to be in the tournament sweepstakes. Howerver, here is a list of individual awards:

Ready Writing: 2nd Lewis (Chris) Kasperek, 5th Emily Lamendola

Literary Criticism: 1st Jenna Eslocker, 3rd Ryan Street, 4th Jade Green

On Site Drawing: 2nd Garrett Herzik, 5th Laura Semro, 6th David Brandenburg

Spelling: 3rd Justin Salamone, 4th Ty Lindquist, 6th Ariana Flick

Art History: 5th Laura Semro

ASL: 2nd Julie Stracke, 3rd Sara-Ann Cook, 4th Jennifer Sump (non-TAPPS event)

Spanish: 2nd Ximena Maury, 3rd David Wolf, 5th Wadi Aguilar

Original Oratory: 1st Sara-Ann Cook, 2nd Emma Schmidt, 6th Marcella Alba

Headline Writing: 1st McKenzie Barksdale, 3rd TJ Werner, 4th Emma Schmidt, 5th Alex Elder, 6th Erika Schulte (Non-TAPPS event)

Persuasive Speaking: 5th Erika Schulte, 6th Zoe Feinberg

Poetry Interpretation: 1st Marcella Alba, 2nd Hope Brittain, 3rd Erika Schulte

Science (overall): 2nd Victoria Milosek

Top Physics: Daniel Borchelt

Duet Acting: 1st Marcella Alba and David Kosa

Advanced Math: 6th Caleb Smith

Calculator: 2nd Daniel Gatewood, 5th Caleb Smith

Number Sense: 6th Rachel Brownwell

Prose Interpretation: 1st Hope Brittain, 2nd Karlton Covington, 3rd Nick Wanner, 5th Darby Baker

Impromptu Speaking: 1st Adam Buckley, 5th Zoe Feinberg (Non-TAPPS event)

Solo Acting: 2nd Jessica Lawrence

Social Studies: 3rd Angus Brooks, 4th Matthew Kantenberger

Current Events: 1st Angus Brooks, 2nd Colby Williamson, 3rd Amy Jackson, 5th Jessica Lawrence

A HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers who helped make this event a huge success!!