Concordia Lutheran High School

Academic, Speech, and Debate State

Adam Buckley -- State Champion in Persuasive Speaking, 3rd place LD debate, and top debate speaker award

Hope Brittain -- State Champion in Original Oratory

Sara-Ann Cook -- 2nd place in Original Oratory, 4th place in Prose

Matthew Kantenberger -- 7th place in Persuasive Speaking

Nick Garig -- 3rd place in Prose, 4th place in Poetry

Nick Wanner -- 7th place in Prose, 4th place in Duet Acting

Marcella Alba -- 6th place in Poetry

Jessica Lawrence - 4th place in Solo Acting

Emma Schmidt -- 4th place in Duet Acting

Colleen Catania -- 2nd place in Duet Acting

Tayler Quinn -- 2nd place in Duet Acting

Ryan Street -- 2nd place in Literary Criticism

Angus Brooks -- 3rd place in Social Studies, 8th place in Current Events

Amy Jackson -- 5th place in Current Events

Daniel Borchelt -- 8th place in Science

Caleb Smith -- 7th place in Advanced Math

Ximena Maury -- 6th place in Spanish

The Crusade Yearbook -- 7th place

To God be the Glory!!