Concordia Lutheran High School

TAPPS 5A State Band Championship Results

 Symphonic Band – 1 Rating, 1 Rating in Sight-reading, Sweepstakes Award
Handbells Ensemble – 1 Rating
Small Ensembles with 1 Rating:

Percussion Quintet: Isabella Guzman, Olivia Guzman, Alex McDonald, Savanna Smith, Rebekah Valor 

Trombone/Euphonium Quartet: Jackson DiPasquale, Mateo Lockley, Sean Preiss, David Wolf

Woodwind Trio: Payton Gibson, Rebecca Luna, Makayla Vasek

Clarinet Quartet: Wyatt Kiel, Brett Paulson, Andrew Thomas, Reid Wilson

Soloists with 1 Rating: Michelle Privette, Brett Paulson, Avery Graves, Wyatt Kiel, Reid Wilson, Trenton Jackson, Aden Burner, David Wolf

 From those soloists, the following earned the All-State Honors Award: 

All-State Honors is the band equivalent of first team all-state for individual athletes.  Students earn this recognition by earning a 1 rating while playing a class 1 solo which is the toughest level of solo music.  Congratulations! 

Wyatt Kiel
Brett Paulson
Michelle Privette
David Wolf

To God be the Glory!

Jonathan Held
Band Director | Fine Arts Director
Concordia Lutheran High School
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