Concordia Lutheran High School

TAPPS State Academic, Speech, and Debate


As a team, we were State Runner-Up, scoring 43.75 points in academics and 69 points in speech and debate. Additionally, we won the speech sweepstakes, making us Speech Champions.


We had a lot of individual highlights, including:


State Champion Matthew Kantenberger - Ready Writing

State Champion Nick Wanner - Poetry Interpretation


4th place - Angus Brooks - ready writing

4th place - Carter Tiesman - prose interpretation

2nd place - Matthew Kantenberger - persuasive speaking

6th place - Erika Schulte - persuasive speaking

5th place - The Crusade Yearbook LIVE

Quarterfinalists - Matthew Kantenberger and Andrew Degges - Lincoln Douglas Debate

8th place - Mateo Lockley - spelling

8th place - Sarah Groeschel - number sense

6th place - Daniel Gatewood - calculator

2nd place - Jessica Lawrence - solo acting

5th place - Marcella Alba - solo acting

6th place - Nick Wanner - solo acting

2nd place - Angus Brooks - literary criticism

3rd place - Lindsay Pint - literary criticism

2nd place (tie) - Mateo Lockley - Spanish

2nd place - Jessica Lawrence & Nick Wanner - duet acting

8th place - Lily Quinones & Will Flynn - duet acting

2nd place - Hope Brittain - original oratory

3rd place - Lily Quinones - original oratory


Thanks for your prayers and support! A special thanks to Mike Matthews and Charity Escott for helping as coaches and judges throughout the year! Blessings, Nancy, Sara, Koy, and Marsha