Concordia Lutheran High School

TAPPS 6A State Overall Academic, Speech, & Debate Champions

TAPPS 6A State Overall Academic, Speech, and Debate Champions

To God be the glory! He gives us all gifts and He has given the kids and the coaches on this team so many. It is a joy to hear them congratulate each other (and their competitors) and lift each other up. We get one time for our entire team to compete together so it is truly amazing to see how they exemplify the idea of "team" with that one opportunity.

We were for the first time in school history TAPPS 6A Overall State Champions in Academics, Speech, and Debate.

Debate 6A Champions. The debaters went 13-4 on Monday and won our first debate sweeps championship.

Highlights include:

A. Degges, quarter-finalist
V. Goh, semi-finalist
C. Scott, semi-finalist

Speech 6A Champions. Our fourth consecutive title. Our speech kids were AMAZING. M. Otten won the Virginia Worth top speaker award.

Highlights include:

Sweep of Prose Interpretation: M. Otten, State Champion
W. Flynn, 2nd
G. Feray, 3rd

Persuasive (extemporaneous) Speaking: A. Degges, 2nd
K. Covington, 4th
V. Goh, 5th

Solo Acting: G. Feray, 3rd  *auto qualified for Nationals in solo acting
M. Otten, 5th
W. Flynn, 7th

Sweep of Duet Acting: W. Flynn and R. Fast, State Champions
G. Feray and M. Otten, 2nd
L. Quinones and J. Cook, 3rd * auto qualified to Nationals in duet
(the other two scenes had qualified earlier)

Poetry Interpretation: M. Otten, 3rd
W. Flynn, 6th

Original Oratory: C. Scott, 4th
L. Quinones, 5th *2nd bid in oratory, qualified to Nationals
A. Arego, 6th

Academics - our highest score total ever.

Highlights include:

Ready Writing: A. Price, State Champion
W. Flynn, 4th

Yearbook (2016-17 book): 8th

Current Events: A. Jackson, State Champion

Number Sense: S. Groeschel, 2nd

Spelling: S. Groeschel, State Champion
F. Scalise, 6th

Literary Criticism: S. Feinberg, 6th

Social Studies: A. Scott, 8th

Spanish: A. Scott, 7th

Let me end with God - all glory to Him. Our verse this year is: "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord."