Concordia Lutheran High School

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What do you love about Concordia Lutheran High School, and why are you here?
Concordia Lutheran High School is a place where education is more than a "job" to those who work here.  Our calling make this something we are passionate about and care deeply for.  The students are mission fields and helping them realize that Jesus is real and personal help fulfill and bring purpose to our lives.  We don't just want to push these students through, we want to impact them for eternity.  We don't just want them to succeed, we want them to understand.  Our faculty deeply cares and that is why I continue to serve and give of myself for Concordia Lutheran High School.
What do you love about Jesus?
I love Jesus Christ because he pushes me to want to be different and better in every area of my life.  When I fall short, He doesn't hold it against me, make me feel inadiquate, or push me away.  He just holds me close and tells me he loves me.  I love that He always provides what I need and doesn't give me what I deserve.  I love that He is the Truth and through that Truth, He has truly set me Free. (John 8:32)
When I have free time I enjoy...
 spending time with my family.  I love traveling around the USA and discovering beautiful places God has created.  I enjoy National Parks, local foods, and State Capital Buildings.  By myself I love watching movies.  I also love watching football and baseball.  Go Vikings and Twins!  I also enjoy woodworking and building things.
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