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What do you love about Concordia Lutheran High School, and why are you here?

I am here because I followed my daughter from Trinity Klein where I taught and coached.  If I had kept my past position, I would have missed out on her high school sports and experiences.  Because my husband is self employed I have remained in the Lutheran system for the insurance, which is awesome.  I love Concordia because I really enjoy working with the students who make my job so enjoyable and we truly have great kids at Concordia.  My absolute favorite thing about Concordia is the Wednesday chapel which always refreshes me and reminds me of the true purpose of this school, the blessing of my Salvation through Jesus Christ.  I am pretty sure I would quickly find another job if I am ever told that I cannot participate in Wednesday chapels.

What do you love about Jesus?

Peace, hope, love, joy, confidence in my salvation are all reasons I love Jesus

When I have free time I enjoy...

Spending time with family, working in my yard and garden  I also enjoy playing tennis and riding bikes.

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