Affording a Concordia Education

Tuition Assistance

Concordia’s Tuition Assistance program is designed to provide support for students who have met the Admission criteria and whose families are not financially able to afford the full cost of tuition. It remains a founding goal of Concordia and its Board of Directors to ensure that financial need does not stand in the way of a high-quality Christian education for students who desire it.



Program Highlights

  • Tuition Assistance is need-based and mission-driven. Awards are not merit-based. Awards are determined solely on a family’s financial capacity.
  • Tuition Assistance results in reduced tuition – it does not reduce other fees and expenses. It is not a loan or scholarship, and it does not need to be paid back.
  • The Tuition Assistance process is handled independently from the Admission process, though they may occur simultaneously.
  • The Tuition Assistance application process uses a third-party assessment partner to confidentially and objectively evaluate each family’s financial situation and ability to pay.



How It Works

A student does not need to complete the admission process or be accepted before the family submits a Tuition Application.


The following guidelines apply:

  • The Tuition Assistance and Admission processes are kept strictly separate.  A family’s financial need or lack of it has no effect on whether students are admitted or not.
  • Tuition Assistance awards are not issued prior to a student’s admission to Concordia.
  • No information from the Tuition Assistance process will be shared with families who have not completed the admission process.
  • The Tuition Assistance application must be verified by Blackbaud Financial Aid Management, including all required financial information and supporting documentation on file with Blackbaud.



Tuition Assistance Application Timelines

2024-2025 applications will be accepted from November 20, 2023 through October 1, 2024 or until budgeted Tuition Assistance funds are exhausted.


The Tuition Assistance Committee processes applications as they are received and system notifications of awards are sent as awards are determined.





Tuition Assistance FAQs


Who should apply for Tuition Assistance?

Anyone who is concerned that the cost of tuition is too much for their anticipated income next year.


Isn’t Tuition Assistance like charity?

We look at Tuition Assistance as a strategy to achieve two main goals:

  • To uphold our mission to be a community based on families from a broad socio-economic spectrum.
  • To strengthen our enrollment base by reducing the obstacle of finances as the primary consideration for most families.


If I receive Tuition Assistance one year, does that mean that I will receive it in subsequent years?

Not necessarily.  Tuition Assistance awards are determined each year, and they are based on three significant factors:

  • Each family’s household income and available assets (as verified by Blackbaud)
  • The amount budgeted for Tuition Assistance
  • The number of families who qualify


If our family doesn’t qualify through the Blackbaud process for Tuition Assistance, are there other Concordia scholarships for which we can apply?

No. Tuition Assistance at Concordia is based solely on financial need as determined by Blackbaud.  We do not offer merit-based scholarships for academics, athletics, or any other talent or achievement.


If I apply, who will see my application and know about our family’s finances?

Once Blackbaud verifies the accuracy of your application, a report is made available to the school.  Only a small Tuition Assistance Committee has access to these reports.


If I receive Tuition Assistance, will my child’s teachers know about it or know how much I’ve received?

Only if you tell them.  Teachers and other staff are not informed about who receives Tuition Assistance.


If we don’t qualify for Tuition Assistance, what other financial sources do families use to pay tuition at Concordia?

Families get very creative.  Some common options are:

  • 529 savings plans
  • Extended family members who value Christian education
  • Short-term loans specifically for Christian education
  • Low interest home equity loans


Feel free to contact the Admissions or Business offices with questions.


What if I have more questions about the Tuition Assistance process?

Email the business office any time.



Blackbaud Financial Aid Management Contact Information

1-800-468-8996 option 1


Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy:

Concordia Lutheran High School of North Harris County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, employment practices, admission policies, Tuition Assistance reduced tuition or grants, or extra-curricular programs.