Entrance Exams

Concordia Lutheran High School has developed Entrance Exams for incoming Freshmen and Sophomores for the purpose of determining academic knowledge and preparation for appropriate course selection levels, especially designed for placement in Honors or Pre-AP courses.


Our Entrance Exams have been specifically constructed to measure a student’s ability for learning in the areas of English grammar, vocabulary and writing, Mathematics, and Science including but not limited to these topics:


English (75 minutes) – grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing prompts.  The grammar portion includes parts of speech, antecedents, noun functions, subject/predicate, sentence structures, etc.


Mathematics (45 minutes) – computations, fractions, linear and quadratic equations, graphing, etc. as it relates to pre-algebra, algebra and geometry problems. Any calculator may be used to complete the test.  However, students will not be allowed to use the calculators installed on their phones.  Students are not required to use a calculator in taking the Math Entrance Exam.


Science (45 minutes) – general science knowledge, biology, and some basic chemistry and physics questions. Simple math and interpreting graphs is also included as it relates to the science field.


The total time needed to complete the Entrance Exams is approximately three hours including registration and breaks. There is no fee associated with the Exams. Students will be notified about their subsequent course placement approximately three weeks after their testing date.


If you have questions about testing, please email Scot Walter, WalterS@clhs-tx.org or Rory Duffy, DuffyR@clhs-tx.org.  Please email Pam Rasmussen, RasmussenP@clhs-tx.org, if you would like to request Entrance Exam Accommodations.