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Casino Royale - Dinner Auction Gala

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all! 
We had an amazing evening on Saturday night, April 9, 2022, at the Casino Royale Dinner Auction Gala!
The atmosphere during the event was unlike anything we have seen in gala's past, and some of our staff have stated this was the best and most enjoyable gala in school history. I still have a difficult time putting into words what was happening in the moment, but the authentic energy and supportive passion bestowed on us from you was humbling. 
We are thrilled to be able to purchase x2 new transit vans for next school year with the funds raised from the gala. In addition, one of those vans will be used as a shuttle for students and families from the north Conroe area to Concordia's campus each morning. This will allow a physical expansion and reach of our ministry to families in a growing area of Houston. We cannot be more excited to have new students and families on our campus, sharing the love of Jesus with them every day.
For any questions or more information, contact Director of Advancement, Jonathan Schleicher, at [email protected] or Advancement Officer, Ashley Rains, at [email protected]